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What Is Charcoal?

by : mycharcoal. Posted in : Charcoal Tips الخ� ارات الث�� ائ� ة إمكا�� � ة الرب� indonesia-charcoal-factoryCharcoal is certain types of charcoal wood. People use it to fires because it can burn cleaner and hotter than wood and slower. Home or workplace remains clean if you use it. You require charcoal for smelting copper and tin to make bronze. People have made charcoal about 4000 year ago in West Asia and China. North and Africa, South America, and Europe also use charcoal. Generally the ways people make charcoal is with wood piles and cover it with earth wet and then ignited the wood on the fire, therefore without oxygen, it is burned slowly. The best charcoal is made of hardwoods such as beech or oak. The result is primarily carbon such as coal.

go here Charcoal burning usually is done by an expert charcoal-burner, people that sell their charcoal to another people. Making charcoal is dirty and hard job, and most charcoal burners is very poor people, but independent. People work as charcoal-burners, usually because many villages need it.  Most people use enter Charcoal only to cook their meal or heat their homes. But there is also more specialized use. Haddad needed charcoal to smell the bronze and iron, because you need high heat to melt most metals. esempi di opzione binaria You also need charcoal for making glass. The artist uses charcoal as inexpensive drawing and writing materials, such as pencils. Egyptian artist use it to make black paint of the frescos. Author use charcoal powder and mixed with water to make the ink. Doctors use activated charcoal. Charcoal that has been ground out fine works as a medicine to absorb bad odors and toxins. Sailors use charcoal to filter drinking water. Finally, coal is one of important components of gunpowder. If you could make a small fire where you live, you can try to make your charcoal, or buy it in the shop.  That is all about follow link Charcoal

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