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How to Make Charcoal from Wood

by : mycharcoal. Posted in : Charcoal Tips How To Make Charcoal – This is due to the rising cost of crude oil ever and the political situation in oil-producing countries, and there is a need to find alternative energy sources. Coal is a carbon material obtained from anaerobic combustion of wood. In addition to providing a sum of money that is spent on imported crude oil, and coal combustion, trade can be a way to earn daily bread for people in developing nations and third world countries. These are process of How To Make Charcoal:

  1. This step involves finding suitable sites for the implementation of activities. This site should be drained and well-located away from human settlements.
  2. After finding a suitable location, the next step is to prepare the site by clearing the vegetation and dig a hole. It should be a hole large enough to accommodate the size of the wood because it burns.
  3. Identifying trees that are suitable for use in the production of charcoal. Different types of trees produce different grades of coal. Class determines the price at which the coal will be sold for.
  4. The recordings of trees that have been identified and defined in the division are becoming smaller for easy transport and accelerate the burning process section.
  5. Dried leaves were placed in holes drilled and distribution of notes and placed on dry leaves. Notes set such rectangular division and piled on top of the well. This puts more dry leaves on a pile of logs.
  6. Then set alit pile of wood and then covered with soil leaving small spaces for ventilation.
  7. The combustion process to go on for 5 to 7 days without any intervention remained, after the pit stop to emit fumes.

was ist bdswiss That’s all information about How To Make Charcoal. But we keep in mind that charcoal produces should not be done without stopping because it poses a threat to the environment.


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